Saturday, July 19, 2014

Away for a week

Jose Canseco, circa a long time ago.

I won't be posting on here for about a week. I will continue to tweet. When I return, I will have an exciting announcement.

Deportations by plane

Obama deports 1,000 illegal immigrants a day-- more than any other U.S. president. Usually, you have to have committed a pretty serious crime to get deported. I've always wondered what the flights are like. This video answered my question.

Mercedes S-Class v. Lexus LS comparo

Muy interesante.

I used the price of the base Mercedes S-Class with the smallest V8. So,:
1990-91: 420SEL (W126)
1992: 400SE (W140)
1993: 400SEL (W140)
1994-99: S420 (W140 until 1999, W220 in 2000)
2000-06: S430 (W220 until 2005, then W221)
2007-14: S550 (W221 until 2013, then W222)

There's a strong correlation between the quality of the Mercedes and its real value. The W126 was solid. The first few years of the W140 were awesome, and then Mercedes started cutting costs. The W220 is arguably the worst S-Class, and it shows with its relatively low price.

Sources for Merc MSRPs: AutoTrader, CarGurus, and BenzWorld

Eat It

Weird Al is a genius. And such longevity!

Why would you export a RAV4 EV?

While visiting West Coast Shipping's warehouse, I saw this RAV4 EV. Less than 2,000 were sold, and all in California.

I wonder why anyone would buy this abroad? My theories:
1. Electrics and hybrids are very popular in Mongolia (someone here told me that, but I don't remember who). Maybe it's headed there.
2. It does share components with the Tesla. Maybe it's just a parts car. But what components does the RAV4 share?

Mercedes tow truck

No snark or sarcasm-- I feel bad for Hamilton. The pendulum swings once again in Nico's favor, but when one man wins due to the other's mechanical issues, the win is a bit hollow.

That truck, by the way, is sharp looking.

Friday, July 18, 2014

My "Shipping Cars to Kyrgyzstan" post

is up on Hooniverse. This was seriously one of the top automotive experiences of my life. It combined my love for cars, geography, and Central Asia!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lexus MSRP history

Sources: NADA, AutoTrader,

Toyota introduced it at $35,000 in order to attract new customers. Some would argue that they dumped it on the market. Then, prices spiked immediately thereafter.

And just for the record, the LS400 was introduced in the 1990 MY, the LS430 in MY 2001, and the LS460 in MY 2007.

Now, I'm going to find the price history of the Mercedes S-Class. I'm going to use whatever the base V8 model was for those years. My hypothesis is that the Mercs cost much more in 1990 and are much cheaper today, and the quality has taken a corresponding nosedive.

Something a bit lighter

What a miserable day for the world. Here's something fun-- Old timey Italian cops on motorcycles! H/t to Peter.

MH17 and SA6

If the pro-Russian rebels shot down the plane, they probably used this. It's not necessarily high tech, but it seems very effective. This video gives you a comprehensive and detailed look at the system, from mounting the missiles to the radar system.