Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mad Max remake trailer

In general, I despise all remakes. But I can definitely get behind this.

Shooting 200,000 goats in Galapagos

Am listening to this podcast on the Galapagos. It's crazy.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Volvo V50 window sticker

Imagine my surprise when we got home and I got the window sticker from my Volvo in the mail. The previous owner found it in his house and wanted me to have it.

He had to special order the car because he wanted a stick. The only options he got were xenon lights ($700) and stability control ($695). It was shipped to Port Hueneme and trucked to a dealership in Santa Rosa. It was assembled in Ghent, Belgium. The engine is from Sweden, the transmission from Germany. 0.4% of the parts are from the U.S. or Canada.

Azerbaijan F1 race in 2016

Christian Horner did not appreciate being asked about the upcoming F1 race in Sochi and the 2016 GP in Azerbaijan. The teams have to toe the line and share one message, so it's not like he was going to say anything negative about the venues.

Azerbaijan certainly has the money (from oil) to host the event. And relatively speaking, it's definitely a "better" venue than Russia and Bahrain, and perhaps even China.

So, Tarlan, what can you say is the feeling of your countrymen about the race?

Race turns into demolition derby

Via Flavio Gomes.

The Truth About Cars

I am excited to announce that I will be a contributor to The Truth About Cars. Its managing editor and Tamerlane's Thoughts fan, Derek Kreindler, invited me to write. I look forward to writing for a much larger audience, including important people in the auto industry.

My first post will be a legal (and practical) analysis of GM's payout to victims of the dreaded ignition switch. I will do my best to make the posts interesting. I encourage you to hop over to TTAC as readers. I'm proud to be in the same shop as my car blogging inspiration, Murilee Martin; Jack Baruth, the guy who owned TWO Phaetons; and the hardest working man in the biz, Derek Kreindler.

I will continue to write for Hooniverse and my own blog. Thank you all for your years of encouragement and support.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Away for a week

Jose Canseco, circa a long time ago.

I won't be posting on here for about a week. I will continue to tweet. When I return, I will have an exciting announcement.

Deportations by plane

Obama deports 1,000 illegal immigrants a day-- more than any other U.S. president. Usually, you have to have committed a pretty serious crime to get deported. I've always wondered what the flights are like. This video answered my question.

Mercedes S-Class v. Lexus LS comparo

Muy interesante.

I used the price of the base Mercedes S-Class with the smallest V8. So,:
1990-91: 420SEL (W126)
1992: 400SE (W140)
1993: 400SEL (W140)
1994-99: S420 (W140 until 1999, W220 in 2000)
2000-06: S430 (W220 until 2005, then W221)
2007-14: S550 (W221 until 2013, then W222)

There's a strong correlation between the quality of the Mercedes and its real value. The W126 was solid. The first few years of the W140 were awesome, and then Mercedes started cutting costs. The W220 is arguably the worst S-Class, and it shows with its relatively low price.

Sources for Merc MSRPs: AutoTrader, CarGurus, and BenzWorld

Eat It

Weird Al is a genius. And such longevity!