Monday, July 27, 2015

Turbo, Colombia, does not look appealing

I'm deep into researching my South America trip. The end of the journey, and road, is Turbo, Colombia. It marks the northern terminus of the South American portion of the Pan-American Highway.

Here is the end of the road. The airport is past the barriers.

Here is the only hotel that Lonely Planet recommends.

Here is a typical room in said hotel.

And this is a favorite Turbo pastime, machete fighting.

This will be...interesting. I am currently using Google Street View to find a Chinese restaurant. This town looks sketchier than any other place I've been to so far.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 New Zealand Nissan line-up

The Holden line-up got some insightful comments, so let's try New Zealand's Nissans. I have put in parenthesis what the U.S. version is called.

Micra (We don't have it):

Leaf (Leaf (By the way, used Leafs have cratered in value for some reason in California)):

Pulsar Sedan and Hatch (They're sort of related to the Versa, right, Charlie?):

Altima (Same):

370Z (Same):

GT-R (Same):

Juke (Same):

Qashqai (Rogue?):

X-Trail (Wait, is this the Rogue?):

Pathfinder (Pathfinder):

Patrol (Infiniti QX56):

MP300 Navarra (Not quite a Frontier):

Next car: Jeep Renegade?

Shockingly, the Mrs is getting tired of driving a base 2004 Civic with crank windows. It has run without a hiccup since new and I have only had it serviced at the dealer (I know, what a dope).

Anyway, she mentioned the Jeep Renegade today. First, I knew it was based on the big Fiat, but I didn't realize it was made in Italy. Second, despite living in the Bay Area since 1992, I don't know where my local Jeep dealer is.

The Search for General Tso trailer

This is a great little documentary. It has history, culture, food, travel, intrigue. I have a much better appreciation for Americanized Chinese food now.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015 Holden line-up

Can you tell that I have the day off and am reclaiming my old role as a couch potato? Here is the current line-up with explanations as to what the heck the models are (in American English).

Barina Spark (Chevy Spark):

Barina (Chevy Aveo):

Cruze (Chevy Cruze, although the Australians not only have the sedan, but also a hatchback and a wagon):

Astra (Nothing like it here in the States, but I think it should be a Cavalier/Cobalt):

Malibu (Chevy Malibu):

Cascada (There's a Buick Cascada?!):

Insignia (Buick Regal):

Commodore (Chevy SS):

Caprice (Chevy Caprice): 

Trax (Crossover based on Aveo/Sonic):

Captiva 5 (Chevy Captiva Sport, a discontinued rental car):

Captiva 7 (Nothing like it here):

Colorado 7 (Nothing like it here, with suggestions that this would be a Chevy TrailBlazer):

Ute (Nothing like it here):

Colorado (GMC Canyon):

Any and all corrections/amendments/provisos are welcome.

Tiff Needell checks out the 964 Turbo

Here is a bonus review by Motorweek:

Tanner Foust's Porsche 912 and trick garage

Photos of Cheney on 9/11

1. What a badass.
2. Do you ever feel that the administration did not deserve smart, talented people like Powell (and maybe even Rice)?
3. Why were Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Cheney allowed in on the top secret meetings?
4. Ah, Scooter Libby. What a winner!

Complete photo set here.

Bussing up the Peruvian coast

Right now, there's a 55% chance that I'll bus from Peru to Colombia in November. This video shows the coastal route just north of Lima in a double decker bus. I should definitely sit on the left for the view. Although, I'm not too crazy about passing around a blind corner.

One-owner VehiCross for sale